Le machas of 100π

Le 9.ter
The guy with academic solutions. punctual and the most studious person i met in my life. Ever since his breakup his choice of girls has detoriated like anything but the number of hours he spends behind the books has remained constant. If you listen to his playlist you surely will have the desire to either shoot him or yourself. hold your breath for here comes from the train yards of Jamalpur the only 9 pointer of the room and the wing.
yes by PM i mean Prime Minister. The most hardworking and religious guy of the room and the most knowledgeable person when it comes to politics. the guy with political brains. This guy knows everything about government policies, conspiracies etc.The only person who can challenge him is probably Julius Assange. From school to college other than turning from pure vegetarian to purely non vegeterian everything about him has remained constant. If you find a guy with nick govt. Of india on DC you know who that guy is.
Le Gomes
the guy with muscles. A Ganguly who is christian so we named him gomes. Football, gf, wwe and body building are the only things that interest him. It is because of this guy SBSTC will never be out of business. This guy can bunk classes, labs, treats and even exams only to spend the weekend at kolkata. A fair warning don’t piss him off or you might have to dodge a B.S Grewal just like Neo dodged bullets in The Matrix (yes, he actually threw a B.S Grewal at me just because i snatched his phone)
le Choku B
the guy with kolbaalish. From school to college this guy has been with me and i witnessed him transform from Dr. Jerkyll to Mr. Hyde. The only person i know other than the phone repairing guy who has 3 phones and none of them are working. Has mastered the ar of Lyadh. Spends the whole semester with his phone, bed and ofcourse the kolbaalish yet somehow manages to maintain a steady CGPA.
Le Muktiman
the guy with technical solutions and the writer of the blog. This guy can sleep anytime anywhere. This guy can sleep at 1.10 and wakeup at 1.20 to attend the next class. You will never know whether this guy is happy, angry or conspiring against you as this guy always masks his feelings beneath a smile. The bridge between tricals and tronics, from the runways of NSCBI Airport comes Bond, James Bond.

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