Prashant Kishore and the Solution to Unified Field Theory

Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite shows. For those who don’t know, The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom with nerds at the centre. It’s a story about a Jewish astronaut, Indian astrophysicist, American nerd scientist and Another obnoxious scientist. The obnoxious scientist is married to a Nobel laureate, the Jewish astronaut is married to a Catholic scientist, The American nerd is married to the most socially sane person of the group and the Indian physicist… Well… this show also has Stuart, who has a comic-book shop. But in this blog, I don’t want to talk about the show. But the unified field theory. The show talks a lot about it. So does its prequel, Young Sheldon. It’s about the childhood of The obnoxious scientist. Both the TV shows are excellent, and I can recommend watching them.

Unified field theory is an exciting topic and one of the unsolved mysteries of physics. And even Albert Einstein spent decades on it but couldn’t solve it. To give a background, for a long time, humans understood magnetism and electricity, not the whole aspect but bits and pieces, here and there. Through his mathematical equations, Maxwell could propose general equations describing the behaviour and relationships of the electric and magnetic fields. Now, in physics, some forces are confined to tiny spaces, such as nuclear forces and then there are forces, such as gravity, whose effect is weak but visible at the macro level. So the scientific idea is that some equations describe their behaviour and interrelationship. Unified field theory attempts to find the “The Theory Of Everything”. String Theory is also related to it.

I think the Unified Field Theory will be solved by mathematicians. Well, this is just a thought that I have. Right now, theoretical physics is considered to be at the highest level because of reasons unknown to me. I may be wrong, but this is what I felt. And we are primarily looking upon theoretical physicists to solve the unified field theory. However, it’s a mathematical problem, so I think mathematicians will play a crucial role in its discovery. Hmm… I was not sure whether to use the word “discovery” or “invention” because I am not sure, with mathematics, do you “discover” or “invent”? Well, it’s just a rough idea. Don’t expect an engineer to do a physicist’s job.

Speaking of Mathematics, another field that requires a lot of mathematics is politics, and many aspects are associated with the outcome of any election result. For example, in the 2017 US presidential elections, Hilary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump. However, Donald Trump still ended up being the 45th US President. In India, in the general election of 2004 Congress Party won 145 seats and came to power. On the other hand, the same congress party won 194 seats in 1989 but couldn’t come to power. The point is it needs a lot of mathematics, and sometimes you need someone who can unify the forces.

The current ruling party of the central government, the BJP, appears to be unstoppable. It seems that after every election, BJP emerges stronger. However, now and then, BJP loses to some regional party. So to defeat BJP, the opposition parties need to unite, and it requires a unifier like VP Singh of 1989.

So, I asked Ankita, “do you think Prashant Kishore can become Prime Minister?”. She asked, “who is Prashant Kishore?”. I replied, “I got my answer.”

A: Is he a rising leader of the Aam Aadmi Party?

J: No

A: Is he a rising leader of the BJP?

J: No

A: Is he a rising leader of Congress?

J: No

A: Is he the new owner of Patanjali?

J: No

A: Then who is he?

I ended the conversation with, “I got my answer.”

I guess it will be a tricky problem for PK, who has worked with the regional parties and BJP. Will this mathematical problem be solved in 2024?

I know, for sure, that Unified Field Theory won’t be solved in 2024. But who knows?



One Reply to “Prashant Kishore and the Solution to Unified Field Theory”

  1. No I don’t so, and the no is for all the sub plots of your blog. PK is a wise man but I don’t think that he will be able to make a party like AAP. Coming to your unified theory question, it is complex and will always will be. Frankly i don’t know if it will be solved by a mathematician or a theoretical Physicist ( though both of them go hand in hand),
    But one thing I’m sure that there will be many versions of it.

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