Empty Mind’s Scribbling

Sliding into 2019
Highlights of 2018

Reasons why World Cup 2018 will be remembered
World Cup 2018 in a nutshell

Tschuss 2017
Highlights of 2017

A sky full of stars
My experience of a star gazing session

The year that was
The year 2016

5 Reasons Euro’16 will be remembered for
A small collection of the things that caught my attention in the Euro Cup 2016

We part to meet again
A collection of all the testimonials i received for my college yearbook

How i became the highest sharing person in DC++
My first technical blog on a simple hacking.

Le machas of 100π
From 314 to 246 we are the soul of macha wing.

In pursuit of a perfect holiday
summer of 2012

Life and lies of NIT Durgapur
experience of first two years of college life

Hello world!
why i started blogging?

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