Bengal Elections, 2021 – An Unusual War

Halla Bangla choleche juddhe

For those who have not seen the movie Gupi Gain, Bagha Bain by the legend Satyajit Ray, Halla a fictional Kingdom goes on war with another fictional Kingdom Shundi and the war song of Halla was “Halla choleche juddhe.”, Which means Halla is going to War.

A link to the song-

From this weekend, March 27, Bangla or West Bengal is going for a seven phase assembly election and in Bengal, elections are nothing but a war.

The war is going to be fought between 3 contenders:-

1. The ruling party TMC – Led by One Man woman army, Mamta Banerjee also referred as Didi by her supporters and Pisi by her critics. TMC came to power ending the 34year rule of the Left front, with a promise of Poriborton or change. It has completed 10 years of being in power and there’s an anti-incumbancy sentiment running in many residents’ mind. Many say that Muslim appeasement and rampant corruption will lead to her loss. But at the same time she is hugely popular among women and poor because of the numerous social schemes started by her.

Leading march on wheelchair, Mamata Banerjee says 'injured tiger more  dangerous' - Elections News
Mamata Banerjee leading a procession on wheelchair

2. The primary Opponent BJP – BJP has been in power in the Center since 2014 however in Bengal it has never been a dominant force. It doesn’t have a CM face yet and is mostly relying on the Modi wave, mostly pumped by Toxic Nationalism and Anti-Muslim sentiment. BJP wants to come in power with a promise of Ashol Poriborton or actual change and many leaders from TMC has joined BJP. They want to end corruption and make sure that schemes introduced by central government are implemented properly in the state.

Shah tells Bengal BJP leaders to go door to door - The Sunday Guardian Live
Faces leading BJP

3. Third Front – The game becomes interesting here. This front is led by Left Front, comprising mostly Communist Parties like CPI(M), CPI, SUCI, Forward Block etc, then there is Congress which is becoming insignificant with every election and then there is AISF- All India Secular Front. The equation becomes interesting here because both Left Front and Congress has governed Bengal for more than 25 years each and AISF has no real intention of forming a government and want to remain as a pressure group. Many residents say that this third front is insignificant, and they have caused only harm to Bengal during their rule. Also, many say that they have moved away from their core ideologies. However, the third front claims that they are the only alternative to the autocratic rule imposed by the other two fronts. They also say, that have always worked with the people and for the people, whether they were in power or not. Many say that they are fed up with the polarizing and appeasement politics and want to see this third front come into power. They were also able to attract huge crowd, to the historic ground of Birgade.

Influential Bengal cleric Abbas Siddiqui takes the stage at Left-Congress  Kolkata rally, announces support of his ISF to Left Front in election -  Frontline
Left-Congress-ISF rally 28.2.2021

In my opinion, In a healthy democracy change of government brings out the best governance. And, No matter what I say, In democracy, vote matters. Many residents remain silent and show their opinion through votes and many people who speak a lot, don’t cast their vote. The results will be visible on 2nd May and no matter who wins let’s hope for a better Bengal, better India and better World.

Peace Out

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