Life and Lies of NIT Durgapur

School was over and so were the numerous entrance exams that followed it. Call it luck or God’s supreme kindness but somehow I got into NIT Durgapur.
“A govt. engineering college, now all your dreams will be fulfilled”said everyone.
“I hope so. The prospectus looks quite promising”
replied I.

But finally, how many of them got actually fulfilled? Only once you are inside that you realize how true the old proverb “all that glitters is not gold” is.

  1. Accommodation- The prospectus mentioned that each room shall be allotted to 3 students but the rooms were allotted to 4. The situation became worse in second year. The room size decreased and the number of occupants increased to 5. Sometimes it felt as if we were stuffed into a kennel. They said, “A new hostel is under construction with accommodation for 800 students”. That was two years back and we are still waiting for it to get completed.
  2. Water supply- They said 24hrs water. From where? The ceiling, of course!! What was I thinking?? The conditions are terrible as we are compelled to travel long distance to fetch drinking water. Once we had to go to another hostel continuously for a week to get drinking water.
  3. Food- What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “Government Canteen”?? Yes, you got it right, “cheap and good food” it is. Alas it isn’t true for our college. And the mess food is in fact a real mess. There is a popular saying here that if you can survive eating the food offered in the mess then you will be able to survive anywhere in the world.
  4. Internet- “High speed internet facility will be available 24 hrs” they said. Let’s forget high speed; we spent the last 2 months without internet at all. And when we had net all fun sites and torentz sites were blocked. They even tried to block facebook.
  5. Laboratories- It wouldn’t be proper to comment about labs of the other departments, but the instruments of ECE labs have been gathering dust since God-knows-when.
  6. Medical unit- The only things that they give at the medical unit are bottles of Tantum, Calpol and few other food supplements. Don’t be surprised if you go there for headache and return with a bottle of Tantum, which as we all know is meant for gargling.
  7. Professors- You think vampires are a myth and they exist only in the pages of Twilight and Dracula?? Wait till you reach our college. All your doubts will be cleared when you meet our professors who feast on our blood every other day.

Over the past two years I have realized one thing. The College SELDOM takes any steps to encourage students to realize their dreams. But when the chips are down you’ll always find a solution; whenever you need a shoulder to cry you’ll find some; whenever you need someone to celebrate your joy with you will find plenty; whenever you are in trouble the seniors will always come forward to help you. With people coming from every corner of India and a few from outside the country; different people coming together from different backgrounds, mixing with each other, sharing cultures, thoughts, beliefs, life is amazing here. From the midnight football matches to the fights to the night-outs or to the parties, the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur is indeed one of the best places to be in, if not the best college in India.

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10 Replies to “Life and Lies of NIT Durgapur”

  1. hey… nice one.. almost all over India the conditions of colleges are the same.. wether it be a or a private college.. your story is quite the same as mine but with different people n at a different place.. keep blogging..

  2. this one is full of negative thoughts…i mean..through this post of yours it is quite evident that 98 % students studying there are facing the same thing…its really sad..but not all colleges are same…i disagree with Saikat..

    1. people have their perspective but i have interacted with students from other NITs, IITs and other colleges all of them are facing same problems.

  3. thanks for give us this glimpse . after all, its a very old college and west bengal. we can find most colleges to be like that in India. except for maybe some private colleges. But a bit of negatives should be there to really enjoy anything. If the education imparted are best then we can suffer anything for that right???

    1. More important than education is the peer group who are there to suffer together. Trust me I have learnt more from my peers than the Professors. but that doesn’t mean that the professors are bad.

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