In pursuit of a perfect holiday

This part of my holiday is called – enjoying

the phase of holiday just after the semester exam ends. You feel ecstatic and full of energy. Hangouts, going to relatives place, eating your heart out and sleeping are the only work you do. There are no restrictions because you have just returned from hostel. The most happening day was the day I visited Eden gardens with a friend. So what if we couldnot cheer KKR to victory on our first eden trip but we witnessed the maiden century of Rohit sharma. Cheering with the huge crowd, the cheerleaders, the mexican waves, great cricketers battling on the ground was indeed an awesome experience.

This part of my holiday is called- attending VT

after spending a few wonderful days you realise that you are wasting your holidays so like most of the students I joined a vocational training and what better than BSNL. Air conditioned classrooms, labs, lineant teachers, canteen and above all blissful fellow trainees. VT couldn’t have been better.

This part of my holiday is called- results

as every good thing has to end my jolly days were ended by semester results. Ya I passed but sadly my grades were not good enough to satisfy my parents and unhappy parents means you cannot hangout with friends. So a few days of isolation, obey everything parents say and the things come back to normal.

This part of my holiday is called – being stupid

there are some incidents in everone’s life which create indelible impression in their memories. This one incident i’ll remember forever. You see cons everyday in TV and think you will never fall in such tricks but as I mentioned earlier that I was stupid and almost lost everything I had. Cellphone, watch, wallet, cards everything. Within half an hour my cousin and I lost 15thousand cash and another 15thousand worth things. How I wish everyday that I could go back in time and change those few moments. The incident have started haunting my dreams and has changed my rest of the holidays completely. No cellphone, no hangouts with friends completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Slowly I realised that we can exist without cellphone. Visiting police station became a regular event. There is not a single police in airport police station who doesn’t know us.

This part of of my holiday is called – coming back to life

I was spending most of the time indoor. Rarely came out of my room. I was finding it difficult to forget the incident and move on. Mockery were become irritating. there is a saying that time can heal everything. As time passed my daily routine was coming back to normal. But as they say wounds may heal but scars remain.

This part of my holiday is called- merry times with friends

an evening with friends is always a good evening. Exams of all my friends were over which means time to hangout. Evening football games and addas had become a daily event. Euro final and the after match party will remain in our memory forever. Laughing for no reason pulling each others legs, it was indeed the best part of the holidays. It was at this point I realised that life is indeed pretty boring without friends.

Sometimes goodbyes are hard. But with the hope of a happier and greener winter break we return to our respective colleges to lead a monotonous life.

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