We part to meet again

Last four years were the most exciting phase of my life so far. Will always cherish the days of rectification, partying with friends, bunking classes getting scolded by professors, exam time nightouts and so many things. Days became weeks weeks became moths. Four Years passed in a blink of an eye and the farewell day arrived. No it wasn’t easy but thankfully i had some friends who made the college life so indelible. Leaving the college was one of the toughest thing that i had to face in past few months and only thing i could collect other than memories are these testimonials.

Thank you friends for making this phase so happening and memorable and thank you all for managing some time to write these lovely testimonials.

“U r a perfect food-loving, ‘khaati’ lyadhkhor Bengali. A great of mine.. U r 1 of the identities of my college life.”

“What can i writ abt u!!! as we grew up 2gther with unlimited fun dis 200 words r insuficnt 2 descrb those…love ur honesty nd “The cool dude” nature…sobsomay erokom e happy thakish…\m/”

“There’s a lot to say about him, but on a brief note- He’s fun to be with. Every moment becomes more enjoyable coz of the “Jeet-factor”. Deep, intelligent & funny, the kind of friend anyone would be lucky to have. Also, the best coder of our wing”

“the J.B of NIT durgapur..
also know are the “muktiman”..
keep your windows laptop away from this guy or else he’ll intsall linux.. 😀
a good frnd..better human being..gonna miss you..”

“Jeet, you are a very good friend of mine. One best thing i remember about is the award u got during verve2k14 “Garfield” of NIT Durgapur. I wish success and happiness in life!”

“Humara TPR 😉 A gr8 frnd and really fun to be with! Someone I can discuss tech stuff and phones with! Will always remember u! Am sure bhai tu bahut aage jaayega! It was really gr8 knowing u! Good luck and pls do stay in touch bro!”

“JB…with a big heart & small attitude.
will always cherish , hall 9 room no 215 days.
My #ManCrush ;)”

“Reliable, helpful, lenient and entertaining, who never complains about anything and ready to do everything.For me, it was a pleasure working with him as a TPR. Good luck and best wishes for ever.”

“Jeet Da had allot of fun during MUKTI and BT this year…..I love the carefree attitude…
Of course the redbull and RC moments…#MUKTI_AFTER_PARTY….and mama cheers abhi party baaki hai!!!!!!!!”

“What do i need to say more.Friends from class 8.Though most of the times you are mysterious.But when it comes to helping out,you are the man.”

“MUKTIMAN, KUBUNTU , son of JB — u are the only person in macha wing who remains busy with real WORK, the only club member, the only TPR. …. and how can i forget ur first birthday in this college ???? 😛 :P”

“the most responsible guy yet par lyadhkhor (garfield)… the only one who has the guts to escape ( mukti ) ;)…..”

“TPR jii.. other dan tpr gud human,best frnd hving patience a lot in every situation ..Bas apne gan***i dosto se bach kar rahiyo..:P wishing u get whatever u want in ur lyf nd keep smiling .. :)”

“you r 1 of d jolliest guys i have met so far…it has always been so wonderful to hang around wid u..i will always remember your nonstop laughter after geting high..:P
keep dat jolliness alive nd enjoy d fullest…love u bro…!!”

“You have the tendency to burst out into crazy ROFL at quite silly things. Also, congratulations on being the master of the art of sleeping. Keep it up.”

“Our tech-savvy Linux blogger. Always smiling. It has been a pleasure knowing and being friends with you. Will remember playing football together, our supporting FCB togethr. be happy in life, and successful in what u do :)”

“Mr. TPR, you are a fantastic, hard-working guy, and I am deeply thankful to you for whatever you have done. A lazy sleeper in the class, I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.”

“TPR sahab of our dept. Though I gave him countless curses as a TPR, we have spent some good times together- a walk to acad when everybody left me behind but he was with me even if he was being late for the class, training at BSNL. Wish we meet again.”

“Not one of my closest frnds at NIT, but when i look back at my days in college, u sure will b one the faces i’ll remember.. dude, i got my 1st job courtesy you. thanks a ton for everything and here’s hoping this ain’t the end of our frndship :)”

“Jeet..my brother from a different mother. My 1st year was awesome because of a company like you. I wished our department was same. One of my truest friends I met in college. Miss you mere bhai. Stay in contact.”

“sweet and shy.. thats all i know. wish i had got to know u more. all the best for ur life :)”

“Fair & Lonely n Garfield may only describe some part of his life.A guy who’s outstanding mind,limpid heart & an sporty body adds to his great personality.Likes to read books of different genres & when comes to football MAN-U is his choice.”

“better known as junior_JB..very friendly and sporting..the moments we shared at TPSW will always be cherished..stay in touch..wish you all the luck :)”

“One of d nicest & laziest guys i hv known in clg.Simple,talented and very helpful..Ur presence make people cheerful & happy.Ur sense of responsibility is what v really admire..hv a gr8 lyf ahead n keep in touch”

“Apna TPR kaisa ho.?
Jeet bhai jaisa ho.! 😛
The coolest and the most chilled out of the lot.
With his never ending witty remarks and super fun persona it was never boring with him around.
Stay awesome and let the greenery follow. \m/”

“The coolest chapless guy I hv ever seen.. lyadh is the key to ur success 😛 :P. hope our dream (Manutd-Liverpool @ Old trafford) come true asap.. good luck for ur future and stay in touch.. :)”

“Wish you the best for your future endeavors.spread the cheer. :)”

“I got to know you properly only during the TPR elections. And then I left and you moved on. Sincere in resolve, we respect the hardwork with which you selflessly committed yourself for the task. Wish you luck in life.”

“The mukti man..a great friend and a very responsible person.I ‘m gonna miss the ga**a sessions which i had with you and other macha guys, you guys are the best!You did your best being th TPR of our class…Hope you get all the success in ur life…”

“a EXTREMELY shy and introvert person. i would like to know y u behave so weirdly by not responding to my “hi”s n make me look lyk a stupid in public.i think my opinion will have a chance to change only aftr i gt inducted to ur famly 😛 stay happy :”

“u were my 1st year 1st roomie. i had a great time playing pranks with you, more will be coming after all we r colleagues,
stay safe, stay happy, stay JB.”

“The ‘TPR’!! 😛
An honest man with a talented brain..
Wil miss the parties & the back bench masties of every departmental classes!! 😉
Stay in touch!
Cheers!! :D”

“apna Jeet da hai yaar tu. we created some of the best moments of college whilst creating the best Mukti(s) possible; i hope we create awesomeness more and again.”

“a great TPR and a decent person. the diving bell and the butterfly was a beautiful movie. thanks for the sugestion. 🙂 wish u all the success in the world. stay in touch!!”

“A very bad TPR. just joking but a very nice person. wish u all d best fr ur future.”

“Jeet…one of the guy from this college whom i’ll never forget.. He is willing to help anyone from any problem..coolest guy whom u can approach with any problems.”

p.s- for privacy reasons i couldn’t share the names

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