Sliding into 2019

Another year is nearing its end and like every year, here I am sitting in front of my computer indulged in retrospection and reevaluating the choices that I made in the past year, some of which turned out to be life-changing. This year I travelled to seven countries made some new friends and lost contact with some old. I couldn’t complete my target of reading 10 books every year but I managed to read 4 like every year. Started new jobs. Became part of an awesome team. Overall 2018 has been a nice year. So this year instead of writing what I achieved I want to write about what I want to do in 2019. Last December I made some new year resolution some of which I succeeded to keep some I failed to. It’s not necessary that we have to begin something on 1st Jan. We can start over anything in our life anytime but the holiday season is a good opportunity to think and to decide what we want to allow in our life. Mostly because it’s inspired with holiday cheer. We keep asking ourselves deep questions like,” Who we want to be? How we can change the world?” and often make some hard resolutions which become hard to keep. This year I decided to make some simple resolution.

  1. Become more eco-friendly – I plan to reduce waste generation and reduce plastic usage. I plan to use the bicycle more. I also plan to reduce the usage of electrical gadgets and become more power efficient. Working in a renewable energy company has brought a new perspective to my life. It’s a shame that more than 1 billion people around the world don’t have access to electricity whereas we waste energy like it’s nothing. I also plan to increase veggies in my diet and reduce meat. I know this part is going to be tough.

    One of the best steak I have tasted

  2. Read More books- This is something that I have been trying to include in my daily routine for a long time but am failing miserably. Every year my target is to read at least 10 books but I’m stuck at 4 since last 3 years. This year I plan to set some quarterly targets. Hopefully, that will help me increase my numbers.

    My tiny bookshelf
  3. Spend more time in nature- This year’s travel has been mostly in the cities. Although the cities are not bad but spending time in nature brings serenity into my mind. So this year I plan to spend more time in the forest. Especially because my apartment is 500 meters away from the forest. Maybe with my bike or reading a book in nature.

    Darmbachaue von Darmstadt
    Darmbachaue von Darmstadt
  4. Take less on my plate- Last year I worked myself too much. There were times when it was difficult to focus on something as my mind was wandering on something else. This year I plan to be more organised. Probably maintain a journal or planner to organise stuffs. I hope, this will probably help tame my monkey mind and concentrate a little on my hobbies that I took up but never polished.

    My Workstation (need to keep it more organised)
  5. And lastly to create a positive attitude and increase my EQ by strengthening personal relationships, talking to friends more frequently, being kind to others and myself and most importantly by being more grateful for everything.

Hopefully, 2019 will treat me the same way 2018 did. Wishing everyone happy holidays and a blasting new year.


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Christmas 2017 to Christmas 2018

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