Munich beyond Oktoberfest

I moved to Germany in September 2017. Since 2018, visiting Munich every year during Oktoberfest has become an annual ritual. This two week festival is one of the largest festival across the world with people visiting from all across the globe. During these 16-18 days around 7 to 10 million litres of beer are served. This festival is also a big source of income for the Bavarian government.

This year, because of Covid-19 pandemic the Oktoberfest got cancelled. As travelling inside the country became normal (of course with proper preventive measures), I decided to visit Munich and explore it in non-Oktoberfest time.

The city of Munich is the capital of Bayern, the largest state of Germany. With around 1.5 million population, this beautiful city lies on the banks of river Isar. On a sunny afternoon it is always nice to chill on the banks of the river with family.

And while chilling it’s always a good idea to carry a chilled beer with you. Starkbier, Festbier, Hell, Dunkel, Pils, Ale, Heffeweiss are only a few that you can choose from. Other than local Bavarian Beers, Munich gives you the opportunity to choose from an whole array of international beers

Another famous place in Munich is Englischergarten. Built in 1789 this 3.7 sq Km greenary, in the heart of the city is one of the largest urban public park. This beautiful greenery is one of the nicest place to take a stroll.

This Chinese Tower is a landmark of Englischergarten and Munich. With around 7000 seats this is the second largest Biergarten in Munich.

In summer, you will often see people surfing in the Isar inside the Englischergarten.

Right next to the Englischergarten is the former royal palace called The Residenz. The palace garden called hofgarten is really mesmerizing.

Another famous palace in Munich is the Nymphenburg Palace or palace of the Nymphs. Its frontal width of 632 m even surpasses Versailles Palace.

The small water body in front of the palace makes it even beautiful.

I couldn’t cover other iconic places such as BMW world or Deutsche museum or the Allianz arena but overall I would say Munich is very beautiful city with a nice combination of old and new architectures.

One of the best thing about Munich it is very close to the Alps. So there are a lot of nice places to visit such as Partnachklam, Tegensee, Ammersee, Andechs, etc. and that makes almost every weekend very exciting and you can always visit Munich even if there is no Oktoberfest.


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